“…The wines from Martini are clear and sort-typical. They offer great enjoyment at a reasonable price. ...”
FALSTAFF WINE GUIDE Österreich/Südtirol 2016/17

“…The range of wines presented by Gabriel, Maren and Lukas Martini is very valuable, year by year. ...”
BEREBENE Gambero Rosso 2017

“…The private winery of the Martini family is an increasingly reliable reference for Oltradige viticulture and in particular for Cornaiano. ...”
VINIBUONI D´ITALIA 2017 A cura di Mario Busso


Alto Adige Chardonnay DOC Palladium

2016 VINI D`ITALIA Gambero Rosso 2018 2 bicchieri
I VINI DI VERONELLI 2018 2 stars - 88 points
Ernesto Gentili 85 points
Luca Maroni 2018 89 points
2015 BERBENE Gambero Rosso 2017 Oscar
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