Welcome to K. Martini & Sohn Winery - Serving exquisite wines and heartfelt hospitality since 1979.

Our family history began over four decades ago when our father, Gabriel, laid the foundations for our business. With his extensive experience in the wine industry and the support of our mother, they took the bold step into entrepreneurship. Hand in hand, they initially filled each bottle by hand, applied the label, and sealed it with great care.

Over the years, times have changed, and the next generation has also found its place with us. We, Lukas and Maren Martini, are now fully committed. Lukas oversees operations in the cellar, while Maren firmly manages the administrative threads in the office.

From the beginning, we consciously embraced a family structure that allowed our wines to speak for themselves. Our philosophy is based on the highest quality and warm service, as we believe this is the true key to the success of a small family business.

Immerse yourself in our world of flavors and traditions – discover the history, love, and care that are present in every bottle. For us, it's not just about wine; it's a way of life that has endured through generations. Welcome to our family, welcome to us.

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